Educational Resources

As a patient in our clinic, we want to provide you with good resources for many of the issues that go along with having inflammatory bowel disease. Please notify your specific health care provider if you have any questions arising from this material.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Intro to Common Topics in IBD

Intro to IBD 101

Intro to Medications for IBD

Intro to Risks of Medications

Intro to Healthcare

Intro to Psychological Health

Intro to Pregnancy and IBD

Intro to Functional

Intro to Nutrition and IBD

Let’s Take a Deeper Dive Into These Topics

IBD 101

Medications used for IBD

Risks of Medications in IBD

Healthcare Maintenance

Psychological Health

Pregnancy and IBD

Functional Medicine

Nutrition Supplements

Nutrition Basics

Behavioral Health: 5 minute Body Scan